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How to Control the Raw Material Moisture Control of Charcoal Machine

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2018-11-07
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The charcoal machine configuration equipment mainly includes a pulverizer, a dryer, a bar maker and a carbonization furnace. These configurations work together to complete the charcoal mechanism charcoal process. The raw materials of the charcoal machine are mainly made of peanut shell, sawdust and sawdust. Charcoal machines have strict requirements on the moisture content of raw materials.
The moisture requirement of the charcoal machine for the raw materials must be controlled within 12%. The charcoal machine setting machine has higher requirements on the moisture content of the raw materials in the production process, and the moisture content of the raw materials is generally between 6% and 12%. If the moisture content is <6%, the conversion of raw materials and viscosity are poor, the rods are not strong; if the water content is >12%, the rods are soft and easy to bend and cracks easily, and the density is small.
The detection of moisture in the raw material of the charcoal machine is difficult to observe by the naked eye, and the rough feeling is usually made by hand feeling. First of all, we touch the working separator shell by hand, and the temperature makes the hand feel hot. Secondly, the color of the material just coming out is required to be yellow. After that, grab the material just after the hand and use the palm of your hand to make it into a group. Then, let go and let go, and ask for all the raw materials to be scattered. Therefore, users who invest in charcoal machines must pay special attention to charcoal technology issues. If the raw material moisture is not up to standard, it is necessary to configure suitable drying equipment. The material with suitable moisture will produce higher yield and better flammability when producing charcoal.

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