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Full Set of Charcoal Machine Equipment

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As for the mechanism of charcoal, many people will mention charcoal machines, but as a mechanism for producing charcoal, the charcoal machine is not a single equipment, it is full set of equipment. Generally, the complete set of charcoal machine equipment includes four kinds of equipment: shredder, dryer, rod making machine and carbonization furnace. Through the close cooperation between these four kinds of equipment, the raw materials such as branches, bark and wood chips are transformed into mechanical charcoal.
However, strictly speaking, what equipment is required for the production mechanism charcoal is not a fixed answer as mentioned above. Because of the inconsistencies in raw materials and customer requirements, the equipment used in the production mechanism charcoal is different. For example, the pulverizer is used as a device for pulverizing raw materials such as branches and wooden blocks into 10 mm granules. For some customers who use wood chips as raw materials, it is not required because the wood granules themselves meet the requirements of the production mechanism charcoal. So if the customer has a stable amount of wood chips as a raw material, the crusher is not necessary to configure. In addition, in order to be able to burn high-quality high-temperature charcoal, and at the same time, it has a large site and capital. It chooses self-built earthen kiln to carbonize the salary bar produced by the bar machine. At this time, the carbonization furnace can also be omitted.
Under normal circumstances, we invest in charcoal machine for the production of charcoal, and the rod making machine is indispensable. The dryer is also generally needed, because the bar machine has a humidity requirement of 8%-12%, moisture. Too big or too small will cause the sticking process to malfunction, so the dryer is also configured. The rest of the equipment needs to be analyzed specifically for its actual needs, and then configured accordingly to meet the energy-efficient production mechanism charcoal. In the production process of the mechanism charcoal, the close connection between the pulverizer, the dryer, the rod making machine and the carbonization furnace allows us to efficiently produce high-quality smoke-free environmental protection charcoal.

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