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Gov. Newsom Vetoes California Plastic Bottle Recycling Bill

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The new bill that proposes tough rules on plastic bottle recycling has been vetoed by Gov. Gavin Newsom. He cited that the amendment to the bill that establishes criteria to grant waivers to manufacturers would add to cost and create unnecessary burdens.
In his veto message, Gov. Newson noted that the waiver petitions allowed in the bill would put burden on the state in helping to prove to manufacturers that their products meet recycling goals, rather than passing on the responsibility of creation of products that meet the goals to manufacturers.
The Assembly Bill No. 792, introduced by Assembly members Ting and Irwin, would have required beverage manufacturers to include 50% recycled content in bottles on and after January 1, 2030. The bill would also have imposed civil penalties, in specific amounts, on beverage manufacturers for violation of these requirements. Also, the bill authorizes the department to conduct audits and investigations of beverage manufacturers in order to ensure compliance.
Meantime, proponents of the bill claimed that the bill would have boosted the demand for recycled plastic material.
The law, first of its kind in the entire U.S., would have set a tougher benchmark on plastic-bottle recycled content. Currently, the highest standard is that of the EU, which has set a goal of 30% recycled content in plastic bottles by 2030.

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