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U.S. Aluminum Scrap Exports Slumped 6%

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The most recent trade statistics released by the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that exports of aluminum scrap recorded decline during the initial eight months of the current year. The total exports were valued at $1.54 billion during this period, down by 6.11% when matched with the exports of $1.64 billion million during the yesr-ago eight-month period.
The primary importer of aluminum scrap from the U.S. was China. The value of exports to China totalled $318.79 million, accounting for more than one-fifth of the total U.S. exports. Meantime, the Chinese imports from the U.S. dropped significantly by over 43% over the previous year. In second place was India, whose imports from the U.S. were valued at $222.23 million. The Indian imports surged higher by more than 32% year-on-year. South Korea emerged as the third largest importer, receiving $210.58 million worth of aluminum scrap from the U.S. The other key market destinations were Malaysia ($162.89 million) and Mexico ($120.78 million).
The above five countries together received 67.3% of the total aluminum scrap exported by the U.S. from January to August this year.
The U.S. imported $554.55 million worth of aluminum scrap during Jan-Aug ’19. This compares with $756.17 million during the corresponding year-ago period, suggesting a decline of nearly 27% year-on-year. The top three import sources were Canada ($361.6 million), Mexico ($149.46 million) and Guatemala ($10.19 million).

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