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What is the principle and process of charcoal machine?

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2020-12-18
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The charcoal machine is a machine that pulverizes the sawdust into granules within 10mm by the sawdust pulverizer, which is dried by a dryer and then placed in a carbonization furnace for carbonization. The charcoal produced by the charcoal machine has high density, small size and good combustibility, which can replace fuelwood and coal.

charcoal machine

The principle of the charcoal machine is simple and easy to understand. It is to make branches, straws, straws, peanut shells, tree trunks, cotton stalks, tea seed shells, nut shells, weeds, leaves, etc., contain biomass fibers that can produce charcoal. Fill in the raw materials, pulverize into powder within 10mm by a pulverizer, dry it with a dryer to make the moisture content within 12%, and enter the rod making machine to form it under high temperature and high pressure (without any additives) Put it into the carbonization furnace for carbonization, and serve as a finished machine-made charcoal. The material powder can also be directly carbonized into carbon powder at high temperature in a continuous carbonization furnace.

The production process of the charcoal machine: the material is crushed and dried, and then the material is formed by a rod forming machine and then carbonized. The main equipment includes: a crusher, a dryer, a rod making machine, and a carbonization furnace in accordance with the equipment sequence. The main equipment includes a stick making machine and a dryer, which are special machines for making machine-made charcoal. The dryer can automatically unload the material and dry it again. The exhaust port does not cross the material, and the discharge port does not spray the material naturally. It can be produced by four rod machines. The automatic temperature control rod machine can adjust the rod at any time Density, this technology can not only guarantee the quality of the rod. Branches, leaves, sawdust and other agricultural products are used as raw materials. After crushing, they are pressurized and densified to form. Because they can replace traditional coal, it is called "straw coal". It is an emerging fuel. The production and processing procedure of the charcoal machine: the material is cut with a straw machine or pulverized with a grinder, and the length and water content of the material are within the specified range: the material is uniformly delivered by the feeder (belt conveyor) or manually Go to the material port above the molding machine and press to form the finished product. From the source of raw materials to the use of fuel, the process is: material recovery → guillotine → automatic feeding of metal removal → pressing → forming → output → cooling → transportation → civil, small boilers → biomass power plant.

charcoal machine
Charcoal Machine

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