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Technical problems of burning charcoal with charcoal machine carbonization furnace

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2021-01-05
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Using a charcoal machine to make charcoal, we have already mentioned three steps. Among them, the technical focus is basically on the third process, that is, the rod making machine. As long as the rod making process is well mastered, then making charcoal is a complete one. Mostly.

But the completion of most of it does not mean that you can make finished charcoal, let alone that you can make high-temperature charcoal that is higher and more expensive than the market price. Because there is an extremely important step before charcoal production, that is, charcoal burning, as long as the charcoal burning is mastered, then selling charcoal to make money is at hand.

How to cook charcoal is very important, so I often tell people that the technique required for charcoal cooking is like a chef’s grasp of cooking. No matter how good the ingredients are, even if it’s abalone and bird’s nest, it’s still not done well. scrap. The same is true for charcoal burning. The first three processes are nothing more than the completion of semi-finished products, but the difference between semi-finished fuel sticks and finished charcoal is very big.

Charcoal Machine
Charcoal Machine

How to make good charcoal, there are hard charcoal, steel charcoal or white charcoal in the north, which basically belong to the range of good charcoal, we call it high temperature charcoal. Under high temperature charcoal is medium temperature charcoal, which is the more common charcoal on the market. Many barbecue restaurants or hot pots use medium temperature charcoal. And again, it is low-temperature charcoal. There are very few low-temperature charcoals in the current market. Because the market acceptance is not high, many low-temperature charcoals are still unwilling to use, even if the price is lower. Low heat, easy to catch fire, etc. Therefore, there are very few low-temperature charcoals now, and even if you want to make low-temperature charcoal, it is actually not easy, unless your raw materials are some raw materials with less wood fiber content such as peanut hulls, rice husks and straws, plus the ordinary production process. In addition, as long as the raw materials are not bad and the experience and technology are in place, high-temperature charcoal is not difficult to make. It is not difficult to make medium-temperature charcoal. Who can make higher-priced medium-temperature charcoal? How about burning low-temperature charcoal?

After talking for a long time, I didn't actually mention the specific charcoal burning technology. Let's talk about the specific charcoal burning technology.

The specific operation steps of using machine-made charcoal furnace to burn charcoal are to put the fuel rods into the welded basket, then hoist the basket into the carbonization furnace, and then ignite the carbonization. The ignition is to ignite at the bottom of the furnace and pass through the carbonization furnace. The inner steel plate dissipates heat evenly and ignites the fuel rods in the furnace. About an hour or so, heat is no longer needed in the carbonization furnace. The fuel rods are burned to continue the carbonization. At this time, the fuel rods are burned and the water vapor is exhausted. It will start to smoke. For environmental protection, we have installed a flue gas purification device on the carbonization furnace, which can drain and accumulate the flue gas. Because this part of the flue gas is a mixture of wood tar and wood vinegar in the gasification state, it is a combustible wood gas , We put it into the bottom of the carbonization furnace to ignite, and use the heat of combustion to speed up the carbonization speed, but we must pay attention to that because the combustion temperature is too high, we must pay attention to not let the temperature in the furnace rise too fast, otherwise the temperature rises too fast. The charcoal will be broken and deformed, so we need to carefully observe the temperature gauge on the carbonization furnace. When the temperature is found to be suitable, we need to discharge the combustible wood gas out of the furnace to burn, which can waste a part of the heat source, but cannot burn the charcoal.

Of course, if you have some other heat needs, you can also use it, such as the drying heat source of the dryer, you can use this part of the wood gas, and it can also be used for cooking and heating at home. I know a charcoal The plant deliberately sells wood gas to the surrounding villagers. In order to extract more wood gas, the charcoal plant burns the charcoal and extracts more wood gas. In this way, charcoal becomes a by-product, and wood gas is the main product. This profit is also very good.

Going back to the problem of carbonization, after the wood gas is discharged, continue to observe the furnace temperature gauge. It is relatively slow to complete the carbonization by relying on the spontaneous heat of the fuel rods in the carbonization furnace. At this time, the temperature in the furnace will slowly fall. When you see that the temperature is fifty degrees lower than what you saw before, you have to introduce wood gas into the furnace to increase the temperature by one hundred degrees, isolate the wood gas, wait for the temperature to drop, reduce by fifty degrees, and burn the wood gas to increase the temperature by one hundred degrees. , And then cut off the wood gas to cool down by 50 degrees, and repeat the heating and cooling for about five or six times. The fuel stick in the furnace is almost burnt, and then you can wait for the temperature to drop. The five or six times we talked about are based on ordinary output. If your carbonization furnace has more charcoal, you need more heating and cooling processes, otherwise it is easy to burn.

charcoal machine
Charcoal Machine

Carbonization Furnace
Carbonization Furnace

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