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Reasons for the slow production of machine-made charcoal machines

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From rod making to rod production is the entire process of producing semi-finished machine-made charcoal rods. The rod making machine is the charcoal machine equipment used to complete the process; in the process of producing semi-finished rods, it is common for charcoal machine equipment to delay the production of rods. Many operators have suffered from low work efficiency due to the operation failure. The reason is that this failure is difficult to be detected by the operator. After many practical studies, the technicians of Tongli have found out the charcoal machine equipment. The reason for the stick delay is described in detail below.

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The heating ring of the charcoal machine parts used cannot provide the temperature value of the relative output; for example, the working range of the heating ring of the charcoal machine parts is heating three times per 100kg of raw materials, and the heating temperature value is between 40 and 50 degrees, which is required on this premise Next, if the operator feeds the charcoal machine equipment over 100kg at a time, the heating coil used must not be able to heat up the raw materials beyond 100kg, so the unheated raw materials will delay the efficiency of the charcoal machine equipment. In general, the operator is more random in charging the charcoal machine equipment rods, and rarely calculates the applicability of the charcoal machine accessories to the amount of raw materials, and then the failure is not easy to be noticed by the operator.

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