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Charcoal Crushing Machine Specify

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2013-08-20
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Specifications of Charcoal crushing machine:

1.Powder can be 1-3mm

2.High output and low power

3.Easy operate and maintain


Introduction of Charcoal crushing machine:

For drying and briquetting process of biomass materials, crushing machine is necessary. We mainly manufacture two types of crushing machines for various agro-forestry wastes, which are wood charcoal crusher and hammer mill. We would choose the more suitable one according to your raw materials.

Performance of Charcoal crushing machine:

1).Advanced design
2).High reduction ratios
3).The blow bar with high chrome
4).Hydraulic or manual open switch
5).Impact plate with special shape
6).Excellent, stress-free, cubical-shape products

Working principle of Charcoal crushing machine:

Crusher is used in areas of cement, construction material and mining industries for the materials with breaking strength, which is controlled effectively by multi-mode elastic adjusting mechanism. Motor drive roller in high speed running inner the crushing, the materials be send from top into the crusher, by the striking, impacting, shearing and grinding into power. Back cover of upper case can be opened with hydraulic pressure (or hand operated) and replace components which is for easy maintenance.

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Charcoal Machine

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