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Automatic Mobile Screw Conveyor

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Specifications of Mobile Screw conveyor:

1 High reliability

2 Long life time

3 Good applicability

4 Convenience to install and maintain

Introduction of Mobile Screw conveyor:

The Mobile Screw conveyor features high reliability, long lifetime, good applicability, convenience to install and maintain. The temperature of materials can reach up to 100 °C, the biggest dip angle can be up to 45°.The Screw Conveyor is a conveyor device, which utilizes the rotation of the helical axis in the U-groove to achieve the delivery of materials.

Working principle of Mobile Screw conveyor:

The materials are feeded into the casing and screw flight is hold back by the frication resistance acted on the wall of casing during running. The screw flight push the material and make the material do axial movement, simultaneity the clockwise and counterclockwise fight act as mixer. The material can be discharged at the proper outlet at the bottom of casing or transport out at the end of chute. Conveyor with simple construction is able to feed and discharge in many positions. It is easy to operate and has good sealing capability ,environmental- friendly.

Applied field of Mobile Screw conveyor:

Screw conveyor is popular in various industries, such as building materials, chemicals, electric power, metallurgy, coal, grain and other industries, for horizontal or inclined conveyor dust, granular materials and small block to the other device .And it is a very environmental equipment and can reduce the energy consumption and transportation management cost. The material temperature is less than 200 °C. It is not suitable for conveying perishable, viscous, easy caking materials.

Features of Mobile Screw conveyor:

1. Large load capacity, environmental protection, long service life.

2. Good applicability, compact structure, convenient to install and maintain.

3. Small size, high rotation speed.

4. Flexible arrangement on position of inlet and outlet.

5. Can blend, cool and heat product while conveying and the conveying directions can be changed in the conveyor.

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