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Charcoal Machine Boost Crop Recycling

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2015-11-21
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Charcoal machine boost crop recycling,The straw utilization rate is about 33%, most of them without processing, after dealing with the technology of only about 26%. As a result, the comprehensive utilization of crop straw resources to save resources, protect the environment, increase farmers' income, promote the sustainable development of agriculture is of great importance.

The way of straw resource utilization:

The straw resource utilization ways mainly have five categories, can be used as the sources of energy, feed, waste, raw material and base. As the energy utilization and direct combustion heating and biogas, carbonization, gasification, liquefaction (bio-oil or ethanol), and power generation.

Using Charcoal machine to the crop straw organic cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin in 200-300 degrees to soften, then its crushing, after adding the right amount of cement mixed with water, a certain pressure curing, the rod or particles "straw charcoal", if the reuse of coking furnace can be further processed to become has certain mechanical strength of the "biological coal".

Charcoal machine use waste of straw carbonization, enhance the comprehensive utilization of resources, is low investment, low consumption, low emissions and high efficiency of economy growth way, eliminate the burning fire hazards and developing the rural economy improves the farmer income.

Use straw charcoal machine made of the mechanism of charcoal can be used to barbecue, heating, market growing demand for mechanism charcoal, so, make full use of straw can be set to a considerable income.

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