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How to Choose Charcoal Making Equipment?

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2018-01-30
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How to Choose Charcoal Making Equipment

Charcoal making equipment also named charcoal machine, means put raw material like bamboo or wood sawdust, rice husk, cotton hull, peanut shell, corn-stick, by crusher to crush below 10mm granules, after drying and carbonization process to get the finished charcoal.

Charcoal making equipment has a wide application of various kinds of biomass raw material, such as rice husk, wood logs, wood chips, sawdust, coconut shell, corn stalks, corn cob, cotton stalks, bamboo, tobacco waste, sunflower stalks, wheat straw, etc.

If the particle of raw material in 1cm or less and the moisture content of raw materials is between 8-12%, the charcoal production line only needs two devices, charcoal rod making machine and carbonization furnace; carbonization furnace can also be self-built, the customer can choose certain charcoal producing equipment according to their situations.

Zhengyang Machinery is a professional recycling equipment manufacturer. The charcoal production line and charcoal briquette machine have been exported to Russia, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Kazakhstan and many African countries. For more information, please contact us or leave a message.

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