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Industrial of Shisha Charcoal Microwave Layer Dryer

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Features of Shisha charcoal microwave layer dryer:

1.High Efficiency 20%

2.Saving Energy 40%

3.Environment Protection 100%

4.None Affecting Product Quality 100%

Description of Shisha charcoal microwave layer dryer:

Microwave heating is a new type of dielectric heating mode, it takes the microwave to heat the water molecules directly from outside to inside without burned outside but green inside at very fast speed, and compared with traditional method, the drying speed is several times of old one,and also the microwave can heat the materials uniformly no matter what it is shape.    

Main Application of Shisha charcoal microwave layer dryer:Available for all kinds of chemical raw materials and food, could be cobalt acid lithium, graphite, carbon brushes, carbonation silicon, two water chlorinated zirconium K, oily ink dryer, water-based ink of crosslinking agent, expansible graphite, all kinds of ceramic zirconia, nano ferric oxide, is the temperature coefficient (PTC) heat-sensitive material ceramic components and cellular PTC components, kaolin, benignity, white carbon black, carbon black, phosphorous gesso, sodium cyaniding, aluminum hydroxide, additive etc, dye, powder and granule material the rapid drying.

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