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Reliable Briquette Making Machine

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2015-09-25
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Reliable Briquette Making Machine,The coal briquetting making machine is mainly used in the production of charcoal powder coal/charcoal briquette honeycomb shape. Raw coal is processed into the coal field than table tennis before, later the coal processed into one cylinder, there is a hole on the cylinder number, to make it look like a honeycomb, because it can increase the surface area of carbon, in order to fully burning charcoal, reduce resource waste. Mainly used in coal, coal, metallurgical powder, powder cold-pressing ball, refractory combustion and residential heating, etc.

Reliable Briquette Making Machine advantages:

1. Each coal can press through custom related with many mold shape, this means that you can produce different honeycomb briquet ball, a machine, processed into the final shape can be square, round, hexagonal, cylindrical, etc.

2. Spline structure, fully enclosed gear reducer to make sure our machine precise orientation, reasonable structure, stable operation, low voice, energy saving.

3. With our self study formula, smoke-free, coal ball. High density, it is easy to ignite.

4. Multi-purpose: process of pulverized coal stove not only, still have mineral materials and waste biomass.

The above is a simple introduction about our Reliable Briquette Making Machine,if you are interested in our products can contact with us.

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