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Sawdust Carbonizing Stove

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2013-08-08
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1.Specifications of Sawdust Carbonizing Stove:
    2).including hoist crane,
    3).with purify system,
    4).CE certification.

2.Introduction of Sawdust Carbonizing Stove : Carbonization furnace adopt superior purifying technology, and is made from special high temperature resistant material, and show the features of stable and wear well, freeing from oxidation and deformation, superior insulating property, easy operation, safety and reliable, no carbonization blind spot with double chimney, finished products ratio more than 95%, labor and time saving, and one person can operate several carbonization stove simultaneously.

3.Operation of Sawdust Carbonizing Stove : When one carbon basket have been finished carbonization, use the hoisting tools hoist the carbon basket from the main furnace, then let the carbon basket natural cooling, at the same time, put another carbon basket into the main furnace, which will save a lot of cooling time, so the productivity effect increase4.Transport: The three inner stove can be stack in the outer stove together, save a lot of space,For the wood, its calorific value is 6000-6500kal for wood briquette calorific value is 6500-7500kal. For the nutshell, the calorific value is 7000-8000kal.

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