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Two Methods of Fruit Shell to Make Charcoal

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Fruit shell can make charcoal? yes, Ordinary fruit shell is made of charcoal can be. Such as coconut shells, nut shell, etc. Shells make a charcoal with two methods, then explanation for everyone.

1. Carbonation before molding:

Coconut shell or nut shell directly in the Carbonization Stove, after carbide end, again by the crusher, grinding into granule, then using briquette making machine to produce a complete charcoal. Also can be directly after the completion of the carbide, combustion is used.

2. Carbonation After molding:

The coconut shell or shells shattered into first 5-12 mm particles, then drying, dry humidity of 8% to 8%, then use the briquette making machine to molding, The following by the Carbonization Stove to become charcoal.

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