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How To Put Straw Into Charcoal?

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2023-08-13 14:17:40
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After harvest of grain, straw is everyone's problem. The traditional way is by burning, but this has great pollution to the environment, but also a waste of resources, through the latest charcoal machine, The machine can put straw into charcoal, so, how to make straw charcoal?

1. The material recovery: collect abandoned straw, as raw materials for the production of charcoal.

2. Crusher: straw smashing into 5 mm to 10 mm particle size.

3. Drying Machine: drying has the crushed materials, humidity of 8% to 12%.

4. Conveyor belt: through the conveyor belt of the drying material, sent to the system machine.

5. Briquette Making Machine: through high pressure high temperature process, the material extruded into solid rods with central hole.

6. Carbonization Stove: through the role of the high temperature carbonization furnace, isolated from the air.

7. Cooling: after the carbide carbide furnace, after cooling is the product of charcoal.

Put straw into charcoal not only solved the problem of dealing with straw, also can bring good benefits

charcoal machine
Charcoal Machine

Carbonization Furnace
Carbonization Furnace

Briquette Machine

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