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What Affect The Operation Quality of Briquette Machine?

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The quality of charcoal determines its economic value. Charcoal of good quality has low ash content, high carbon content, long burning time and compressive resistant. While charcoal of inferior quality has high ash content, low carbon content and the combustion time is short and fragile. In order to help customers to produce charcoal of better quality, we summarized the main factors affecting the operation quality of briquette machine and carbonizing furnace, and the following are the five points:

1. The influence of strength: it mainly depends on the raw material customers use in the production of briquette machine. If the raw material customers use has poor heat shrinkage property, when carbonized in the carbonizing furnace, there would be cracks on the semi-finished charcoal, which would influence its strength. Thus, it is recommended to use raw material with good heat shrinkable property, such as sawdust, cotton straw, corn stalk, etc. The longitudinal compressive strength of charcoal along the fiber is close to the strength of the coke, while the transverse compressive strength along the fiber is only 1/4 ~ l/6 of coke. In addition, the low wear strength of charcoal would also affect the use of it.

2. The influence of carbon content: the influence is mainly the high temperature carbonizing operation of carbonizing furnace. Under normal circumstances, the residual carbon of the semi-finished products through high temperature (850℃- 950℃) burning of about 10 minutes is called the fixed carbon. That is to say, if the carbonizing temperature can not reach 850℃- 950℃ within 10 minutes, the fixed carbon content of semi-finished products of charcoal would be lower. (Get to know the carbonization of briquettes.)

3. The influence of compressive resistance: it is associated with the raw material structure that customer uses. For example, if the branches or sawdust material customers use have internal pore, the proportion of hardness is generally between 0.2 ~ 0.5h after processing with briquette machine and carbonizing furnace. If solid wood material is used, the proportion of hardness is 1 ~ 1.5 that the resistant to compression performance is good.

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