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What Are The Charcoal Raw Materials

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2015-12-20
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Mechanism of charcoal can be divided into the log charcoal and machine made charcoal, log charcoal is produced with log, log is the raw material. The machine made charcoal has very many kinds of materials. Machine made charcoal is the use of the waste to produce charcoal, so it has a lot of raw material source, as long as it is wood material can be as the machine made charcoal production of raw materials, to produce charcoal.

What are the charcoal raw materials?

1, forestry residues: sawdust, wood shavings, bamboo shavings, twigs, bark, pine seed shell, shell, etc. 2, agricultural residues: rice husk, hemp stalk, corn cobs, bean stalk, sorghum stalk, cotton, cotton shell, sunflower, peanut shells and relatively hard straw, etc.

3, industrial residue: furfural residue, roasted gum slag slag, sucrose, etc.

Above all raw materials must go through certain procedures, a certain production technology can be used as a mechanism to make the production of charcoal. As the raw material crushing, drying, screening and so on.

How many raw materials are needed to make a ton of charcoal?

This is a lot of people want to know the problem. Different raw materials used to produce charcoal, it is a slightly different amount of raw materials used. Use charcoal making machine for example, a ton of how much sawdust charcoal need, three tons, 3 tons of sawdust can produce a ton of charcoal, electricity 300 degrees, need three or four people.

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