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What You Must Know Before Starting Charcoal Business

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What You Must Know Before Starting Your Own Charcoal Business,Its widely-known that the yield of charcoal from the wood is higher than a lot of other carbonaceous materials. But in today's advocate of green environment, it is restricted to wood logging. However, there is increase but no decrease for the demand of charcoal. Under this situation, it is worthy of you to develop the huge market space of charcoal production. Now, more and more people find that charcoal production is profitable as it can be made from a great many natural wastes such as coconut shells, walnut shells, rice husks, barks, sawdust, corn cobs. The raw materials they can get at a very low price or totally free.

For charcoal production techniques, traditional methods are adapted to use wood in large pieces, in some of them whole tree trunks can be used. It is difficult to dry such large pieces before carbonizing and so more wood is used up in the carbonizing process to complete their drying before they carbonize.?With the development of human society, traditional methods of charcoal production techniques have gradually stepped down from the stage of history.

In order to shorten the circle of charcoal production, reduce deforestation and lower labor cost, as well as decreasing environmental pollution, a lot of charcoal producers prefer to make charcoal by using machines. To get the finished product --- charcoal, you might need a crusher (grinder), a drying machine,?a charcoal molding machine, a carbonization furnace and other auxiliary equipment, but it depends on the raw materials you use. If the particle size of the carbonaceous materials you use is less than 10mm, such as rice husks or sawdust, a crusher is unnecessary for you.

The machine-made charcoal has high density, small-volume and good combustibility, which is capable of being used an alternative fuel of wood and coal. This product is especially suitable for household fuel, greenhouse warming, or grilling fuel. Currently, charcoal has a large market in a lot of countries, more and more people have joined the charcoal production industry. If you also want to start this business, Zhengyang Machinery can provide you with full-set charcoal machine and technologies.

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