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Straw Charcoal Project Advantage

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2016-01-26
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Charcoal is consumable goods need to cut down trees resources. Developed countries to protect forest resources and ecological environment, not the production of charcoal, zero tariff on foreign charcoal imports. Developing countries are now aware of the importance of protecting the environment, export bans on the original charcoal. Global warming and environment worsening, influence human survival, restore vegetation, forest to absorb a large number of co2 is the most effective. Charcoal as indispensable energy, search and develop alternative products is a key way for the human.

Straw charcoal making machine advantages:

The method to improve efficiency of coking process by 84 times and coking process is only 2 hours. After using tobacco stalk, cotton stalks carbonized charcoal in some coking index is close to or exceed the ordinary charcoal. Save 60% production cost, production process environmental emissions smoke-free. Abandoned the international general backward, coking, 168 hours of distillation process, can only be carbonized wood smoke pollution, the production process, high production cost of backward technology.

Straw stalk rot waste under natural conditions, will produce harmful gases such as methane, carbon dioxide is the greenhouse effect more than 20 times. Straw charcoal production is blocking the process, after the straw charcoal burning left in the dust to join the nitrogen can be made into compound fertilizer.

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