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What's Most Important Equipment In Charcoal Machine

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Charcoal machine equipment consists of drying machine, briquette machine, carbonization stove. Auxiliary equipment have the crusher and conveyor. What equipment is charcoal machine equipment of the most important?

Charcoal machine equipments contain all of the equipment has its own role, each equipment is important, making charcoal process is very simple, the material first screening, remove impurities, rocks and iron, etc., and then through the dryer for drying, material moisture about 10%. Mechanism bar, and then through the system of the rod by coking furnace or kiln of carbonization, then the packing is finished.

If not to get rid of the impurities in the material will bring drying next big waste, it is also possible for equipment damage, drying equipment and if screening good sawdust dryer drying moisture less than 10%, will affect system bar, slow, and even can't stick. Making great confidential sticks the material density is greater than 1.2, if the density of small sticks after carbonization can appear crack, fracture, crushing, crisp wait for a phenomenon. Carbide equipment if material chooses is not up to standard, will greatly reduce the service life and increase the production cost of charcoal, so I think the charcoal machine equipment in any of the equipment is very important,

charcoal machine
Charcoal Machine

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Carbonization Furnace

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