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What You Should Know Before Investing In Vharcoal Business?

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What is charcoal?

The shape of charcoal: The outside diameter is 50-60mm, the inside hole diameter is 15-20mm; quadrangular, hexagonal or rounded shape, air-cored; it can be in random lengths, generally the length is 5-50cm; the inside hole is for ventilation.


As machine-made charcoal is produced under high pressure and high temperature, it has large density, which is twice of ordinary wood, triple of natural charcoal, and 4-5 times of turf and coke. So, it has high calorific value and long burning time. Besides, it has low ash content and smokeless. One method to identify high-quality charcoal is that you can hear metallic sound when tapping its surface.

Raw materials

A variety of materials can be used to make charcoal, ranging from fuel wood forest, residual branches, stubs after logging, to agroforestry wastes such as rice husk, walnut shells, chestnut shells, cotton straws, ?sesame stalks, corn stalks, soybean straws, etc.

Application areas:

Industrial area: The production of activated carbon, silicon?carbide, silicon, carbon?disulfide, explosive materials, mosquito-repellent?incense, thermal insulation material, etc.

Agricultural animal husbandry area: Improve the ground temperature and the soil, maintain the moisture and utilize as organic fertilizer, etc.

Life area: heating, grilling, fuel of hotpot, tea drying, tobacco leaf drying, and eliminate hazardous gases, etc.

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