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Wood Crushing Machine

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2013-08-09
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Specifications of Wood Crushing Machine
1.low consumption
2.superior crushing capacity
3.stable performance4.competitive price5.stainless steel material

Features of Wood Crushing Machine
1,It is used for grinding of small wood blocks, chips before pelleting;
2,Multi grinding chamber to increase efficiency by 15%;
3,Multi grinding chamber to prolong service life of screen and beater;
4,Modified rotor to increase stability and avoid overheating from the bearing;
5,Modified screen locking device to make assembling &disassembling easily;
6,Unique structure design of door to absorb shake and reduce noise;
7,Modified design for grinding chamber to reduce airflow resistance and increase efficiency;
8,Depress barycenter of rotor to make more balanced and coarse and fine grinding can be completed easily.

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