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What are the characteristics of the charcoal machine production?

Author:Zhengyang MachineryTimes:2021-07-07
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What are the charcoal machines based on sawdust, branches, rice husks, bamboo shavings, peanut skins, sunflower husks, furfural residues, wine residue, bagasse, corn cobs, coconut husks, coffee husks and crop stalks in the north and south As the raw material, after being crushed, it is plasticized by a molding machine at high temperature and high pressure to form a semi-finished product of machine-made charcoal, which is then carbonized in a carbonization furnace to become a finished charcoal.

charcoal machines
charcoal machines

Charcoal machine production characteristics:

1. No need to add any adhesives and harmful chemicals.

2. The humidity of raw materials is within 8-12%.

3. Using hot air drying system, the drying effect is very good.

4. After high temperature, purification and smoke removal, the carbonization equipment can transform the semi-finished products into smokeless and odorless clean charcoal, which is technically guaranteed.

The production of machine-made charcoal is not more likely to be broken than the generally formed charcoal. The reason is that during carbonization, due to lack of experience, it is difficult to control the temperature and temperature of the firing, resulting in uneven firing of the machine-made charcoal, which makes the machine-made charcoal fragile. . What we have to consider is the forming process of machine-made charcoal, because the rod making machine forms machine-made charcoal through high-temperature extrusion.

Therefore, in the process of use, the propeller of the rod making machine will cause a certain amount of wear, so that the pressure cannot be reached during the pressing process, so the output of the fuel rod will cause the density to be substandard, and the surface is not smooth. A fuel stick with a density that cannot be reached will be fragile after firing, and at the same time, the charcoal cannot sell for the price.

There are more and more manufacturers using charcoal machines. With the continuous production of charcoal machines, we know that coal is a layer of biomass such as stalks, branches, weeds, etc. buried in the ground. After a long period of geological action and a series of Formed by physical and chemical reactions. Now with the charcoal machine, we can make charcoal anytime, anywhere.

charcoal machine
Charcoal Machine

Carbonization Furnace
Carbonization Furnace

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