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How to Deal with Scrap Charcoal in Charcoal Making Process?

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However, charcoal scraps appear unavoidably when charcoal machine making charcoal. Charcoal scraps are not easy to sell out. How to deal with charcoal scrap in charcoal making process?

How to Deal with Scrap Charcoal in Charcoal Making Process?

Charcoal scrap is generated during carbonization process. We can crush the charcoal scrap by grinder wheel or charcoal crusher, and then form them in charcoal briquette pressing machine. The charcoal made by charcoal powder extruder is charcoal powder bar. Due to in the charcoal power bar moulding process adding binder, charcoal powder bar is not used for daily life, it can be used in industrial smelting.

For more information, please view our website or contact us directly.We are the specialized in manufacturing and exporting of charcoal equipments. The charcoal equipments mainly include charcoal crusher, dryer, charcoal machine, rod making machine, charcoal shaping machine, carbonization furnace and auxiliary equipments like belt conveyor, drum screen, etc.

Through our charcoal equipment, the waste that can be recycled such as wood waste, forest waste, coconut shells, rice hulls and olive scum can be grinded, dried, moulded and carbonized. At last, we can get the charcoal that we use usually in daily life.

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